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The Lu'Tenent Experience

Hi Lu'Tenent aka Soldier to Beauty. Welcome home to "The Lu'Tenent Experience." I am all so happy that you are paving the way to a better you through beauty. Let's talk about life first..the life that you live everyday. Some days are challenging and some are victorious. Trust me, when I tell you I have been through those days when I can't wait to get up and show the world what I'm made of because I have shit to offer. And I know you do too. But, there's been those days when I just couldn't get out of bed due to devastation and worry. I'm sure you've been there too. Life can be like facing the frontlines on the battlefield. O 

Well, I know for a fact that self-confidence plays a huge part in who we are as a human and how we make it in this crazy world we live in. Self-confidence correlates with that inner voice in your head, what I like to call the mini talk box. That voice in your head that tells you: "Damn I look good!" or "I'm not good enough for this job." That part.


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